Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. and HP Join Forces to Provide High Performance Computing Solutions for HP Cluster Platforms

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  • Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. (SCAI™), providers of TCP Linda® and Paradise® software, has joined HPís High Performance Computing Division in selling a coordinated solution suite on HPís Cluster Platform solutions. SCAIís software is widely used by scientists and researchers, as well as non-programming professionals, for parallel application development and processing.

    Used in applications such as Gaussian®, the popular ab initio chemistry package, SCAIís software provides an enterprise-wide framework for building distributed systems across a network. The intent is to leverage existing or new HP Cluster Platforms comprised of HP Integrity and ProLiant servers in customer infrastructure configurations.

    The solution suite will provide joint HP/SCAI customers with an alternative to difficult and time-consuming message-passing programming for parallel and distributed computing projects. This will save both programming time and potential hardware expenses in working with applications which previously were designated only for supercomputer class machines. SCAI's suite of parallel development middleware helps reduce development costs and speeds delivery of complex problem solutions for prompt decision making, allowing software developers to focus on their code - not on expensive systems integration efforts.

    Bruce Toal, Director HPCD Marketing stated, "HP and Scientific Computing Associates make a great team in solving complex problems on industry-standard servers. TCP Linda and Paradise are powerful and robust software packages which are easy to use and enable development of applications that lead to industry breakthroughs due to new ways of looking at data."

    In commenting on the HP-SCAI Solutions Alliance Agreement, Dr. Martin H. Schultz, Founder of SCAI, stated, "It's time for industry-standard servers to take their place in parallel computing. In working with industry leader HP, we feel very fortunate to be a part of its High Performance Computing initiatives."

    Company Background
    Since 1980, Scientific Computing Associates has pioneered the commercial use of parallel and distributed computing. From the introduction of original Linda to its most recent product, NetWorkSpaces™, which provides similar capabilities to end users for higher level scripting languages such as R, Python, and Matlab, the Company offers a cost-effective, packaged tuplespace technology product and related consulting services to harness the potential of supercomputing. The Companyís expertise and ongoing research has resulted in worldwide clients, government contracts, and partnerships with numerous companies.

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