Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. Announces a New Open Source Software Package to Create High-Performance Scripting Languages

NetWorkSpaces™ with Sleigh™

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  • Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. (SCAI), a leading commercial provider of parallel and distributed computing products, announces the availability of NetWorkSpaces with Sleigh. NetWorkSpaces is the latest addition to SCAI’s family of software products for high performance parallel and distributed computing.

    NetWorkSpaces is a powerful, new, open source software package that makes it easy to use multi-core workstations, SMPs, and clusters from within scripting languages such as Matlab, Python, and R. NetWorkSpaces looks and feels like a conventional WORKSPACE in the base scripting language. NetWorkSpaces is easy to learn and use, which increases user productivity in implementing and maintaining distributed applications.

    Sleigh is SCAI’s open source package for executing scripting language functions and applications in parallel. Sleigh automatically distributes and load balances function evaluations across multiple cores, processors, or nodes to speed the execution of applications. Scripting language users quickly and easily can learn how to use Sleigh to take advantage of multiprocessors with incredible performance gains.

    “NetWorkSpaces with Sleigh brings high productivity coordination to high productivity computing environments. This combination offers users a simple way to improve performance without leaving the development environment of their choice,” said Dr. Martin Schultz, Founder of SCAI. “By extending the familiar notion of a workspace, these facilities become easily accessible to almost all programmers.”

    About Scientific Computing Associates
    SCAI offers delivery of open source NetWorkSpaces software and related documentation. It also offers installation and configuration services; assistance, training, and application development. The company’s expertise and ongoing research has resulted in worldwide clients, government contracts, and development and marketing partnerships with numerous companies.

    Read more about NetWorkSpaces.

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