Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. offers TCP Linda® at no charge to HP Cluster Platforms users

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  • May 17, 2024 -- Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. (SCAI) announced today that it is offering a free perpetual license for a 32-bit four-processor Linux TCP Linda system (for C programs) to users of HP Cluster Platform 3000 and 4000 systems running Linux. TCP Linda has been tested on the HP Cluster Platform 3000 and 4000, part of HP's Unified Cluster Portfolio. This no-charge offering of TCP Linda provides a fully functional system, available by download from SCAI, which can be used to develop parallel applications using TCP Linda, or to simply explore its use.

    TCP Linda is an industry standard for parallel programming, known for its ease of use, reliability, and efficiency. Linda, introduced in the mid-1980s, was the first commercial product to implement virtual shared memory (VSM) for supercomputers and large workstation clusters. TCP Linda is content-addressable, not address-based, making it easier for programmers to build applications and fully utilize hardware capacity.

    "We are pleased to have TCP Linda tested and available at no charge on the HP Cluster Platform 3000 and 4000 systems, which are gaining much customer interest since being announced," said Beverly Thalberg, President of Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. "With this free perpetual TCP Linda license offering, joint customers of HP and SCAI will be able to more easily take advantage of parallel programming on the HP Cluster Platform 3000 and 4000 systems, which are part of the HP Unified Cluster Portfolio."

    The HP Unified Cluster Portfolio is an innovative, modular package of hardware, software and services for scalable computation, data management, and visualization. It features flexible platforms that include HP ProLiant and Integrity servers, a wide range of open source and commercial middleware, and the latest in industry-standard technology--all with the simplicity and affordability of a factory-built, tested, and supported solution.

    "HP is delighted that a full 4-cpu license for SCAI's Linda is available at no charge to users of its HP Cluster Platforms," said Bruce Toal, director of marketing for the High Performance Computing Division at HP. "With TCP Linda, customers are able to take better advantage of their computing power while increasing the productivity of their developers and programmers. The HP Cluster Platform 3000 and 4000 are perfect systems to support parallel applications."

    TCP Linda provides a simple, yet complete command set that can be added to programs to enable process creation, synchronization, and communication. Every Linda software system employs a powerful Linda optimizing (pre)compiler and a carefully tuned, architecture-specific run-time system. With the free four-processor TCP Linda system, users can parallelize any program written in C using just four simple TCP Linda operations.

    Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. is known for excellence in very high-performance parallel and distributed computing since 1980. SCAI is the leading commercial provider of middleware, technology, and consulting services for high-performance computing on clusters and networks, and more.

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