Scientific Computing Associates to Offer Enhanced Parallel Development Tools with HP

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  • New Haven,CT. June 20, 2024 Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. (SCAI™) today announced that its SCAI parallel development tool sets will be available from HP across the HP ProLiant and BladeSystem portfolio.

    These products include the new parallel R™ and parallel R Pro™ offerings for use with R and Python, as well as its flagship products Linda® and Paradise®.

    SCAI's software products enable analysts, scientists, engineers, and researchers to develop parallel codes to solve complex problems using easy to learn and utilize tool sets. Users will gain quick resolution of problems with the use of SCAI's simple but powerful set of commands allowing development of parallel and distributed solutions.

    Dr. Martin H. Schultz, Founder of SCAI, commented that "We believe our software will play a key role in the adoption of parallel computing as a common development method for increasing performance across the HP ProLiant and BladeSystem platforms. As proven by the maturity and success of the tool sets and the introduction of our parallel R offering, we continue to enhance development solutions for the productivity worker, who need to focus on solving their business or technical problem..."

    parallel R is a powerful open source software package designed for easy to use clusters from within increasingly popular scripting languages like R and Python. While these scripting languages are powerful and flexible development tools being used by millions of people, they are inherently slow. Clusters with easy to use parallelization tools will provide a real boost to scripting language performance. parallel R Pro is offered by subscription, and includes services and support from SCAI.

    SCAI's Linda software provides an easy to use interface and command set which makes complex parallel application coding more efficient on tightly coupled clustered server configurations. Paradise facilitates the same constructs for both loosely coupled clustered servers and workstations as well as grid enabled LAN or Wide Area attached machines.

    "With the increasing interest in the industry standard solutions for state-of-the-art analytics and financial modeling, SCAI's tool sets are poised for new and exciting application growth," said Anne Ambrose, worldwide director, Trading and Investment Solutions, Financial Services Industry, HP. "Our work with SCAI reflects our commitment to provide the global financial services industry with the best in innovative technology."

    About SCAI:
    SCAI provides an enterprise-wide framework for building parallel and distributed systems across a network. SCAI's suite of parallel development middleware helps reduce development costs and speed delivery of complex problem solutions for prompt decision making, allowing software developers to focus on their code--not on time-consuming and expensive systems integration. SCAI development tool sets are installed across multiple industry segments areas, such as chemistry, finance, life sciences, manufacturing, petroleum engineering, basic science and research, and more.

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