Scientific Computing Associates and OptTek Announce Parallel OptQuest

Boulder, C0, April 04, 2001: OptTek Systems, Inc., and Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. (Scientific) are pleased to announce the release of a parallel processing version of OptTek Systems� OptQuest Callable Library (OCL) software called Parallel OptQuest�. Parallel OptQuest uses Scientific�s Paradise� software, which provides the glue needed to cement many independent processes together into a single parallel program. OptTek and Scientific have significantly increased the �speed to solution� of OCL, one of the most powerful and reliable optimization software programs on the market today. Parallel OptQuest will focus on financial analytics, decision support systems, life sciences and chemistry as typical applications.

�This parallel version of OCL will enhance our customers� decision-making capabilities by dramatically reducing processing time in complex environments where speed is critical. It also enables real-time solutions for applications requiring immediate process control optimization,� said Dr. James Kelly, CEO of OptTek. �I anticipate this will open up several new market niches for OptTek including contact center operations, portfolio optimization, and supply chain management.�

�Combining Paradise and OCL provides an elegant match and gives Scientific the opportunity to partner with the OptTek software which is based on award-winning optimization methods,� stated Dr. Martin Schultz, Scientific�s founder. �Both of our companies are looking forward to a powerful alliance that will bring significant added value to our customers.�

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OptTek Systems, Inc. is a Boulder, CO based optimization software and services firm. From its inception in 1992, OptTek has become the leading provider of optimization software to simulation companies and employs state-of-the-art techniques based on many years of research in the area of optimization, in which OptTek�s founders are internationally recognized leaders. OptTek specializes in developing and customizing its software to enable solutions for business problems characterized by significant uncertainty and complexity. OptTek�s software is used by hundreds of firms including Fortune 500 companies for diverse applications including customer relationship management, financial and strategic planning, logistics and transportation, and telecommunications. OptTek�s website is

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Founded in 1980, SCIENTIFIC has pioneered the commercial use of parallel and distributed computing. Linda� software is a set of powerful extensions to C, C++, Fortran and Java that enables rapid development and deployment of parallel applications. Linda� is a coordination language which supplies the "glue" needed to cement many independent processes together into a single parallel program. Linda� provides a Virtual Shared Memory (VSM) that is logically shared by all the processes in a parallel program. Linda� is easy to use, even for users who are new to parallel computing. Proven applications include financial and risk analysis, computational chemistry and biotechnology, seismic analysis, electronic design (EDA), and computational fluid dynamics.

For more information about Linda� and SCIENTIFIC�s other powerful software products and services, contact SCIENTIFIC at 203/777-7442, visit the company�s web page at, or email [email protected].

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