Scientific's Linda® Now Available for Mac OS X

New Haven, CT, July 19, 2001: Scientific Computing Associates (SCIENTIFIC), experts in parallel and distributed computing with more than 21 years of experience, today announced Linda for Mac OS X. SCIENTIFIC's Linda is a unique programming tool which allows developers to parallelize existing applications to run efficiently on a parallel computational cluster. SCIENTIFIC is committed to continue development on current and future versions of Mac OS X.

"Linda-enabled applications running on Mac clusters typically scale almost linearly," said Beverly Thalberg, CEO and President of SCIENTIFIC. "Users can speed their times to solution and also attack problems which have been intractable up to now."

"Power, stability and elegance make Mac OS X the ideal platform for programming and scientific computing," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "SCIENTIFIC's Linda software and Mac OS X make the ultimate clustering solution for high-end, clustered computing environments and we are delighted that SCIENTIFIC is bringing this capability to the marketplace."

Linda, introduced in the mid-1980s, was the first commercial product to implement virtual shared memory (VSM) for supercomputers and large workstation clusters. The Linda VSM is content-addressable, not address-based, which makes it easy to build applications, and fully utilize hardware capacity. Cost-effectiveness, speed and ease of use are just some of advantages Linda provides.

Linda for Mac OS X extends the traditional elegance and usability of the Mac platform to clusters or networks of Macs for use as parallel supercomputers. With Linda and Mac OS X, developers now are able to create exciting new parallel applications; they will use clusters in ways previously unforeseen.

Worldwide distribution of Linda for Mac OS X is from Scientific Computing Associates, New Haven, CT Voice 203-777-7772, Fax 203-776-4074. Pricing starts at $1500.

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SCIENTIFIC was founded in 1980, and was a pioneer in the then, brave new world of distributed computing by a group of Yale University computer scientists. SCIENTIFIC's products embody the functionality required to completely satisfy those who actually build systems. They provide a powerful framework for building distributed systems that meets the needs of an entire organization and includes a comprehensive user interface geared for building industrial-strength applications. SCIENTIFIC also provides training and system development services for a broad range of high performance computing vendors and users, and fully supports its parallel and distributed computing products with a variety of training and maintenance options.

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