SCIENTIFIC'S Paradise(R) Now Available for Mac OS X

New Haven, CT, August 6, 2001: Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. (SCIENTIFIC) today announced the availability of its Paradise middleware product for Mac OS X, enabling distributed networking computing for users of Apple's next generation operating system. Paradise is used to create high performance ensemble applications by enabling the coordination of separate, independent computational processes via the real time sharing of data in its Virtual Shared Memory (VSM). Processes may be implemented in C, C++, Java, or Python. An important example application is TurboBLAST® from TurboGenomics, which is a parallel, high performance implementation of the popular NCBI BLAST program used in genomics research.

"We are pleased to make Paradise available to Mac OS X users, extending productivity and increasing return on investments," said Beverly Thalberg, CEO and President of Scientific. "Idle CPU cycles can be recycled and aggregated to provide a 'free' virtual supercomputer for groups."

"Mac OS X is a robust platform that delivers unprecedented power, speed and stability to scientific computing," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "SCIENTIFIC's Paradise software and Mac OS X make enabling distributed networking computing environments easier and we are delighted to receive SCIENTIFIC's continuous commitment to our platform."

The Piranha feature in Paradise brings easy to use Peer-to-Peer (P2P) computing to networks of Mac OS X machines. Piranha delivers performance and throughput gains by tapping into the huge reserves of computational power that is available on most networks. As new computational tasks come and go, Piranha automatically and transparently allocates computational resources to meet the changing demand.

Worldwide distribution of Paradise for Mac OS X is from Scientific Computing Associates, Inc., New Haven, CT;; Voice 203-777-7772; Fax 203-776-4074. Pricing starts at $3000 for academic and $10,000 for commercial users.

About Scientific Computing Associates, Inc.
SCIENTIFIC was founded in 1980, and was a pioneer in the then, brave new world of distributed computing by a group of Yale University computer scientists. SCIENTIFIC's products embody the functionality required to completely satisfy those who actually build systems. They provide a powerful framework for building distributed systems that meets the needs of an entire organization and includes a comprehensive user interface geared for building industrial-strength applications. SCIENTIFIC also provides training and system development services for a broad range of high performance computing vendors and users, and fully supports its parallel and distributed computing products with a variety of training and maintenance options.

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