Compaq AlphaServer SC Series Linda® Enabled

New Haven, CT, October 18, 2000: Scientific Computing Associates (SCIENTIFIC), experts in parallel and distributed computing with more than two decades of experience, today announced that Compaq Computer Corporation’s new level of supercomputing power, the AlphaServer SC series, which targets the high end of the high-performance computing market, is “Linda® enabled”. The AlphaServer SC systems come with a very high bandwidth and low latency switch, Parallel File System (PFS) and Resource Management Software (RMS) with Compaq’s feature-rich Tru64 UNIX operating system and Cluster File System (CFS) software, as well as Linda® from SCIENTIFIC.

SCIENTIFIC’s Linda® is a unique programming tool, which allows developers to "parallelize" existing applications so they will efficiently run on a parallel computational cluster.

Linda®, introduced in the mid-1980s, was the first commercial product to implement virtual shared memory (VSM) for supercomputers and large workstation clusters. The Linda® VSM is content-addressable, not address-based, making it much easier to build applications and fully utilize hardware capacity. Cost-effectiveness, speed and ease of use all are advantages of using Linda®.

“Compaq’s AlphaServer SC series, together with Linda®, will help drive real-world advances in technical areas in university, government and other research labs requiring a virtual memory model for distributed parallel computing, “ said Bill Blake, Vice President of Compaq’s High Performance Technical Computer Group.

“Extending our long-standing relationship with Compaq, the addition of Linda® to the powerful AlphaServer SC series will allow rapid and easy development of new, high performance, parallel applications,” said Jerry Lipchus, Director of Sales, Scientific Computing Associates.

About Scientific Computing Associates

Founded in 1980, SCIENTIFIC has pioneered the commercial use of parallel and distributed computing. Linda® software is a set of powerful extensions to C, C++, Fortran and Java that enables rapid development and deployment of parallel applications. Linda® is a coordination language which supplies the "glue" needed to cement many independent processes together into a single parallel program. Linda® provides a Virtual Shared Memory (VSM) that is logically shared by all the processes in a parallel program. Linda® is easy to use, even for users who are new to parallel computing. Proven applications include financial and risk analysis, computational chemistry and biotechnology, seismic analysis, electronic design (EDA), and computational fluid dynamics.

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