Universal (H.K.) Co. (Red Hill Technology, Inc.) Becomes Software Distributor for Scientific Computing Associates, Inc.

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  • New Haven, CT, October 2, 2023: Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. (SCA), a leader in high-performance computing software, is pleased to announce that Universal (H.K.) Co. (Red Hill Technology), a leading supplier of analytical and testing instruments in the China and Hong Kong market, has become a Software Distributor for the SCA Linda® Rainbow of products: Linda®, Paradise®, Piranha®.

    Scientific Computing Associates’ Linda® is a unique programming tool, which allows developers to "parallelize" existing applications so they will efficiently run on a parallel computational cluster. By utilizing Linda's® four simple commands to annotate codes and the Linda® precompiler, a developer can create a parallel cluster application that runs as though it's running on a huge, fast supercomputer at a fraction of the cost.

    Linda® technology is embedded in versions of Gaussian 98, the computational chemistry program based on the methodology for which John Pople won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Other uses by such companies as Lehman Brothers and Amerada Hess have proven the power of Linda’s® parallel processing capabilities.

    Stephen Hung of Red Hill Technology said, “SCA is the world leader in providing parallel and distributed computing solutions and Universal is a leading supplier in providing analytical solutions for the China and Hong Kong’s scientific communities. This partnership affords Universal the ability to offer its customers parallel computing solutions.”

    “We look forward to a successful launch by Universal of our Linda® product suite to the China and Hong Kong market,” said Jerry Lipchus, Director of Sales at Scientific Computing Associates.

    About Scientific Computing Associates
    Founded in 1980, SCIENTIFIC has pioneered the commercial use of parallel and distributed computing. Linda® software is a set of powerful extensions to C, C++, Fortran and Java that enables rapid development and deployment of parallel applications. Linda® is a coordination language which supplies the "glue" needed to cement many independent processes together into a single parallel program. Linda® provides a Virtual Shared Memory (VSM) that is logically shared by all the processes in a parallel program. Linda® is easy to use, even for users who are new to parallel computing. Proven applications include financial and risk analysis, computational chemistry and biotechnology, seismic analysis, electronic design (EDA), and computational fluid dynamics.

    For more information about Linda® and SCIENTIFIC’s other powerful software products and services, contact SCIENTIFIC at 203/777-7442, visit the company’s web page at www.LindaSpaces.com, or email software@LindaSpaces.com.

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