Microway Joins the Linda Club at Scientific Computing Associates

New Haven CT -April 14, 2000 - Scientific Computing Associates, Inc., a leader in high-performance computing software and services, is pleased to announce that Microway, a leading manufacturer of Intel and Alpha clusters and workstations, has joined the Linda Club, a new partnership initiative for Beowulf cluster manufacturers. The Linda Club, founded by SCIENTIFIC, allows resellers to offer free to their customers a four-node Linux version of Linda when bundled with a Beowulf Cluster. Linda is SCIENTIFIC's powerful programming language for parallel and distributed computing.

Microway has been configuring parallel systems with up to 200 processors since 1986 and has consistently stayed on the leading edge of technology with timely, powerful new products since it's inception in 1982. Microway is continuing in this trend by joining The Linda Club. Since Microway 's research and development team already designs state-of-the-art hardware, the next logical step is to include cutting edge software like Linda. The performance, reliability and cost-efficiency of Microway's Beowulf clusters are greatly enhanced by Linda's ease of use and dramatically short start-up time.

"This strategic partnership is an opportunity that benefits both Microway and it's customers," says Ann Fried, Chairman of Microway. "With Linda, we can offer to our customers the best way to maximize our products usefulness."

"We're very pleased that Microway has joined the Linda Club," says Jerry Lipchus, sales manager for SCIENTIFIC. "Linda for Linux should become a great addition to Microway's impressive product line. We look forward to a long and very successful strategic relationship."

This strategic relationship between SCIENTIFIC and Microway offers advantages extending beyond the initial Beowulf Cluster purchase. SCIENTIFIC has enabled Microway to handle future end-user purchases of Linda upgrades or other SCIENTIFIC products, creating a one-stop point of purchase.

Linda, introduced in the mid-1980s, was the first commercial product to implement virtual shared memory (VSM) for supercomputers and large workstation clusters. The Linda VSM is content-addressable, not address-based, making it much easier to build applications and fully utilize hardware capacity. Cost-effectiveness, speed and ease of use all are advantages of using Linda in Linux-based systems.

Linda technology is embedded in versions of Gaussian 98, the computational chemistry program based on the methodology for which John Pople won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Other uses by such companies as Lehman Brothers and Amerada Hess have proven the power of Linda's parallel processing capabilities. An article, "Linux Gushes Savings for Oil Giant" (Computerworld, May 3, 1999) describes an application developed by Amerada Hess using Linda for Red Hat Linux that makes it possible for geologists to render detailed 3-D seismic Images of sub-sea formations. The application was moved from an IBM SP2 to a 32-node Linux cluster, a move that saves Hess nearly $2M, according to Vic Forsyth, Amerada Hess's Houston-based manager of geophysical systems.

"Without Linda, a rewrite would have been required that would have delayed implementation by months," said Forsyth.

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