Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. Announces Open Source Software and Solutions for the “R” Statistical Modeling Language

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  • Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. (SCAI), a leading commercial provider of parallel and distributed computing products, has utilized its expertise in high-performance computing to develop the open source Sleigh™ package for executing R functions and applications in parallel. R is a powerful statistical modeling language, but it does not scale well for many compute-intensive analyses. Sleigh addresses this limitation.

    Sleigh automatically distributes and load-balances R function evaluations across multiple processors in an SMP or cluster, accelerating the execution of R applications. R users quickly and easily can learn how to use Sleigh to take advantage of multiprocessors and achieve incredible performance gains.

    Because of the increasing popularity of the R statistical scripting language, SCAI now offers commercial support services to R users, including general R support, development of R applications, and design of high-performance R systems. “We are pleased to be able to provide commercial support to R users and to bring to market new programming tools. These services will enable our users to create high-performance applications easily in their customary environments,” said Dr. Martin Schultz, Founder of SCAI.

    About Scientific Computing Associates
    SCAI offers delivery of open source Sleigh software and related documentation, including installation and configuration. SCAI also provides commercial services for R, covering assistance, training, and application development. The company’s expertise and ongoing research has resulted in worldwide clients, government contracts, and development and marketing partnerships with numerous companies.

    Read more about Sleigh and R services.

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