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A Powerful Statistical Modeling Language

R ServicesScientific Computing Associates, Inc. (SCAI) has been a proven leader in the field of high performance software for over 25 years. Recently the increasing adoption of R, a statistical scripting language, has led SCAI to create a �practice� in the area of R,
R application development, and high-performance R systems.

R is a powerful statisical modeling language, but does not scale well for many compute-intensive analyses. SCAI has built an open source R package called Sleigh� to address these limitations. SCAI supports the development of high performance R applications. We also enable R programs to run faster using our parallel tools when appropriate.


SCAI has utilized its expertise in HPC to develop the open-source Sleigh package for executing R functions and applications in parallel. Sleigh is R-compatible software.

Sleigh automatically distributes and load-balances R function evaluations across multiple cores, processors, or nodes in a cluster or on a network to speed the execution of R applications. R users quickly and easily can learn how to use Sleigh to take advantage of multiprocessors, with incredible performance gains in almost no time (see chart below).

Sequential vs. Parallel Bootstrapping

Scientific Offers Maintenance and Support Services for R and R Applications

  • Delivery of open source R software and documentation
  • Installation and configuration services
  • Assistance, training and application development
  • Consulting services and software to parallelize applications for maximum performance

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