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  • Paradise is SCAI's most flexible and powerful parallel and distributed computing environment. It is based upon the same virtual shared memory (VSM) models as SCAI's other parallel computing products, TCP Linda and Piranha; however, Paradise can support many VSMs shared among multiple independent applications. Paradise applications can run on vastly different kinds of computers (including PCs), and since Paradise's VSMs can be persistent, the applications need not even run at the same time.

    JParadise™ for the Java™ Platform is SCAI's system for distributed Java applications. JParadise also uses virtual shared memory which allows applications to share objects and process data across distributed networks incorporating LANs, WANs, and even wireless devices. Features include support for Java components as well as those written in other languages such as C, fault tolerant execution, dynamic load balancing, and optimal utilization of computing resources.

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    Why Paradise?
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