Paradise: Technical Overview

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  • Paradise is SCAI's most flexible and powerful parallel and distributed computing environment. It is based upon the same virtual shared memory (VSM) models as SCAI's other parallel computing products, Linda and Piranha; however, Paradise can support many VSMs shared among multiple independent applications. Paradise applications can run on vastly different kinds of computers (including PCs), and since Paradise's VSMs can be persistent, the applications need not even run at the same time.

    Paradise can be used to create "ensemble applications" from separate, independent programs. For example, data from a mainframe database application might be placed into a VSM either as it is collected, or on a periodic basis. A separate visualization application could retrieve the data from the VSM and display it graphically. The two applications could run concurrently, in which case the visualization application would provide a live snapshot of the data. But, they also could run at completely separate times, with the visualization application displaying, for example, summary information about data collected the previous day.

    Other applications could also use exactly the same data without any requirement for replication. In the illustration below, two other programs access the mainframe database's data: a scenario simulation program running on a parallel multiprocessor, and a data mining application running on a heterogeneous cluster. The latter application has been parallelized with Piranha to take advantage of the significant amount of unused computing potential on the cluster. Each parallel program shares data via the common VSM, but performs its own computations using a private VSM.

    Paradise can provide as many VSMs as desired. To continue the example, the same visualization application could also be used to examine data from a different database system by accessing the data placed in a second sharable VSM. Other applications might also use this second common data space, either separately or in concert.

    Existing programs require only modest modifications in order to take advantage of Paradise's capabilities. Paradise adds a few simple operations to a native high-level programming language, while taking care of all of the low-level details of interprocess communication and VSM management automatically. This makes Paradise easy to learn and to use, and fully protects existing investments in programmer training and application development.

    We support most Unix, Linux and Windows platforms. Please contact Scientific Computing Associates for details.  
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