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  • All Cluster and Blade installations should harness their power with Linda.

    The Linda Virtual Machine
    Linda - Parallel Processing, Blade, Grid, Cluster configurations Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. (SCAI) offers a new, updated, and enhanced edition of Linda, the proven industry standard for parallel programming in C and Fortran. TCP Linda supports parallel computations across collections of computers, even of different types, easily and reliably. TCP Linda now is available for Windows. (click here) best online casino nz

    Paradise - Parallel Processing, Blade, Grid, Cluster configurations Paradise is SCAI's most flexible and powerful distributed computing software environment for C and Java applications. Paradise permits multiple independent applications to share data and coordinate their computations. (click here) irish casino

    NetWorkSpaces New from SCAI, NetWorkSpaces with Sleigh is a powerful software package that makes it easy to use clusters from within scripting languages like R, Python, and Matlab. NetWorkSpaces uses globally-shared workspaces to develop and run distributed and parallel script applications. (click here) canadian online casino

    SCAI has chosen a dual licensing model to distribute NetWorkSpaces for R and for Python, which are open-source versions of NetWorkSpaces. These open-source versions of NetWorkSpaces are available for download from SourceForge.

    To read the manual for NetWorkSpaces for R and download software, click the links below:
                  · NetWorkSpaces for R Manual
                  · Download from SourceForge

    To read the manual for NetWorkSpaces for Python and download software, click the links below:
                  · NetWorkSpaces for Python Manual               · Download from SourceForge

    To learn more about NetWorkSpaces for Matlab and for information about licensing and purchasing the software, click the links below:
                  · NetWorkSpaces for Matlab
                  · NWS for Matlab User Guide

    Parallel Services SCAI now offers training and consulting services for all kinds of high-performance computing on clusters and networks, as well as supercomputers. With world-class computer scientists, as well as experts in specific areas such as bioinformatics and computational chemistry, the company brings a broad base of expertise to the task of parallelizing diverse applications.


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